More about SlowLorry


Q:: What are the main features of SlowLorry?

A:: SlowLorry consists of the following main features:

  • A Layer 7 HTTP DDOS assessment tool, providing both HTTP GET and HTTP POST attack techniques. Slowlorry is the world's first DDOS assessment tool that incorporates the latest HTTP POST attack method, besides the more commonly known HTTP GET attack method.

  • Allows you to distribute the connections via P2P connections, without the need to make use of an illegitimate botnet.

  • Comes with protection against malicious abuse.

Q:: What are the supported OS platforms?

A:: SlowLorry will run on Ubuntu or CentOS Linux distributions. It requires Sun JDK 6 Update 18 or later to be installed.

Q:: How many machines do I need to generate enough HTTP connections to bring down the targeted website?

A:: As a general rule of thumb, Node-to-Target ratios are 1:1 for Apache and 3:1 for IIS. i.e. you need to run SlowLorry on at least one machine to bring down a website hosted by Apache, and at least three machines to bring down a website hosted by IIS.

Q:: How much does SlowLorry cost?

A:: SlowLorry is licensed at per core basis. To request a quote, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at (65)68732049 during office hours.